AEW Aluminium Scaffolding Company. Proudly Introducing Asian Engineering Works is the most experienced company in machine shop and casting established in 1973.
The Aluminum Scaffolding towers ladders and accessories of scaffolding is durable and made by high pressure die casting.Our machine shop and working area is completely systematized. Quality control and customers satisfaction is our main goal. After making scaffolding tower and ladders it checked by weight bearing.
our skilled workers provides durable and long lasting scaffolding for the safety of our honorable customers.
Asian engineering is a leading manufactured of aluminium scaffolding tower,ladders,casting,scaffolding accessories safety Items,machinery work,gear making, aluminium pressure die casting and exporter.
The quality of our scaffolding is light weight for easy to movable and standard type for easily fixable and its high quality of accessories provide rust proof.
Asian engineering works have a strong reputation in the marked for providing best quality of innovative scaffolding for customer in various type of industry.


Single width Aluminium Scaffolding

Scaffolding Single width Tower . Its also called narrow size aluminium scaffolding. It take narrow place for working in conjugated area. The adjustable single width tower can easily move one to other places.

Double width Aluminium Scaffolding

Scaffold Tower Double Width As Mentioned by name it is extra long by width and size .It is long lasting for height working requirement.That  size of scaffold tower focus on strong to keep weight maximum height up to 15 meter by supporting four sides by stabilizer.


Bridge Aluminium Scaffolding

The Bridge Aluminum Scaffolding Tower allow the user to work on long  platform with more workers to work together. To make the  Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Tower, two double width scaffolding tower are joined together


Aluminium Podium

he steps of podium is easy to stir lockable safety gate for extra stability.Its height is 600 mm and width 600 which can fold when not in use.,easy handling and safety locked wheels feathers of podium scaffolding.



Aluminium Ladder

Aluminium ladder

Dual side ascend able ladder – Double sided ascend able design provides high productivity.

Rigid steps – corrugated shape design steps adds extra strength for safer ascending and descending.

Multi riveted profile steps ensures more safety.

Heavy duty Straight Ladder spreader – spreader is employed to guarantee high level of stability and safety.

Rubber shoes A type ladder – designed to withstand hot and humid weather condition, ensures high level of grip.

A Type Ladders